Why Mood Boards Make A Difference

One of the best kept secrets of designers is making a mood board.

A mood board is a collage of colors, materials and pictures that a designer puts together to form a design concept. It is a valuable presentation tool used by interior designers, event stylists, graphic artists and web designers. It can be physical or digital in form.  What are the benefits of using mood boards?

  • Organizes your ideas about your concept

          With today’s surge of inspiration online, it is a challenge to collect your thoughts and your client’s ideas and translate it to a design concept that exudes harmony and balance.  With a mood board, you will have a visual representation of the mood, textures, tones and materials that you are planning to work with. Accordingly, you will be able to see if the collage of ideas coincides with the concept that you plan to achieve.

  • Helps you communicate your concept effectively

        Mood boards fill the gap where words aren’t enough to translate a concept. Mood, textures and tones are best presented through pictures and inspiration boards. It can reduce the probability of miscommunication between client and designer.

  • Reduces unnecessary construction costs

        The client will be well-informed of the design concept before the project actually starts and can gauge during the planning period whether the design concept suits his or her personal style and needs. If the concept needs revision, then most changes can be done before the implementation. This can trim down unwarranted expenditures on materials and labor.  

Pictures of making the mood board…. 

       The sets I made are all physical mood boards, as it served a dual purpose of an inspiration board and an artwork.  The finished boards are displayed at a kitchen and bath showroom in Davao City, SKS Interiors Inc.

Upon gathering information from the showroom’s sales people, we noticed that majority of homeowners in our geographic area settle for safe and neutral materials. So I made these mood boards with the intent of inspiring the DIY-ers and people who are building or renovating homes not to be afraid to play with unique new materials available and to combine different styles. With a good start in planning your design, you can think like designers and create a home that is uniquely yours. Mood boards will help you do just that.