My favorite room in the house is the bathroom, and chances are it’s yours too!  In the bathroom, for a few minutes of the day, I can be completely alone.  It is the perfect time for me to reflect, plan the day, and even get inspired through a short read.  But the best part, of course is taking a long, warm shower. 


But I’m not everyone, so in this article, I will help you choose your perfect shower by describing current bath design thinking.  I’ll also help you discover what your “bath personality” is.  Finally, I’ll recommend a shower or bath system based on your bath personality. 





Traditionally, the bathroom and toilet was seen to be a place where you just “get your business done” as quickly as possible.  Nowadays, because of advances in hygienic technology and the well-being movement, the bathroom is increasingly seen as a place of refuge and relaxation.  What used to be the smallest room of the house is slowly changing as architects and interior designers allocate larger space for furniture, storage, and bathing space. One of most exciting areas of advancement is, of course, the bathing area.  The sheer variety of options available today also means that everyone can choose their very own bath experience.  Are you ready to find out your “bath personality” and discover the best shower fixtures for you?




  1. POWER SHOWERER - You are a go-getter. You like things simple and efficient. You value your time but want to look and feel your best every day.


Your Shower - Rainshower with a concealed mixer


For a Power Showerer, speed is everything, and nothing gets the job done quicker than a rainshower.  Rainshowers release water to a wider area and with a larger volume faster than normal showers. Starting from widths of 30cm all the way to the generous 90cm ceiling mounted types, rainshowers guarantee a whole body soak not unlike, well, showering in the rain!  But for those who are ever conscious about their water bill or the environment; no worries!  Quality rainshower makers have incorporated water saving technologies such as flow restrictors, air mixers, and sprayheads to ensure the feel of high water volume but actually using less water.  Some rainshowers even have a “waterfall” function for nature-inspired power bathing.


  1. TECHIE BATHER - You want all the bells and whistles. You value having maximum choice. You are a free spirit who employs unorthodox methods and is open to new experiences.

Your Shower - Showerpipe or shower system



A basic showerpipe typically combines a head shower or rainshower, a handshower, and temperature/volume control all in one package, giving users a choice between bathing styles.  But the ultimate shower experience for a Techie Bather would have to be a shower system.  This is a fully customized setup that requires specialized plumbing to accommodate multiple water outlets and high volume of water involved.  Aside from an overhead shower, possible add-ons include a handshower, body sprays, LED lights that change color based on your mood settings, and even Bluetooth speakers!  Typical control valves are also now being replaced with mechanical or even digital button controls, giving you greater control over your shower experience.


  1. SLOW SOAKER - You take time to pamper and prepare yourself. You value bathing as a solemn and mostly solitary ritual. The bathroom is your ultimate personal retreat.

Your Shower - Whirlpool with handshower  

Candlelight, soft music, and relaxing scents.  If you are a Slow Soaker, these elements are an essential part of your bath experience.  A whirlpool tub complete with water and bubbles jets completes the scene for total rejuvenation.  But in case time is lacking, a multi-function handshowers can be added.  Handshowers today come with a wide variety of functions such as rain, massage, and power spray.  For the ultimate luxury, Slow Soakers also appreciate a wall-mounted TV and pipe-in music to minister not just the body but also the mind and spirit.      

If this article is inspiring you to make your dream bath come true, remember these tips.   First, choose the best quality fixtures and fittings you can afford.  Second, choose a bath supplier with a good reputation for quality and after-sales care.  Third, remember to get qualified and skilled professionals to install your bath fixtures to ensure their compatibility and performance.

So follow this guide and who knows, you might be spending more time in your bathroom than ever before!