EUROTILE ADHESIVE 25 kgs - regular

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Is a thin-bed tile bonding material engineered for fixing ceramic floor and wall tiles to rendered concrete surfaces.  This cement-based tile bonding adhesive (TBA) can be used for interior and exterior applications.

How to use:

Mixing: Pour a predetermined quantity of Eurotiles Superior Tile Adhesive into a clean receptacle or pail.  Add a clean tap water (approximately ¼ liter of water for every kg. of adhesive), mix until smooth paste is achieved free of lumps.  Let stand for about 10 minutes and mix again before use.  The mixture must be used within 3-4 hours.


Area to be skimmed should be clean, flat, solid and free from dust, oils, wax, grease and similar materials.  Allow seven days curing time for roughing of rendered concrete floors or walls before tiling.  Wet the substrate (floor or wall) slightly before applying adhesive. Trowel the mixture by the unnotched side at approximately 5mm thick unto the flat substrate.  Spread the adhesive in approximately one square meter area at a time. Rib with the notched trowel.   Around 3-4 kgs. of Eurotiles Superior Tile Adhesive can fix one square meter of ceramic tiles.

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