WALL ART 3D PANEL 50x50 splashes

Wall ArtSKU: 23091



Splashing’ can look smashing! That’s what 3Dwall decorations such as Splashes prove. A modern and trendy design for everyone that likes a bit of vividness. Try and take your eyes off this eye catcher! Champagne bubbles rising to the top of the glass or deep water sea life in action, Splashes creates a wonderful feeling of airiness and calm. Picture it on a wall behind a fish tank and imagine, not just the stunning effect, but also the ripples of light and shade as the fish move around in the water - exquisite.

Coming in perfect, pristine white, it provides a gorgeous backdrop for, perhaps, a dining table and romantic candlelight dinners for two. However, due to the superior quality of all our WallArt panels, you can paint them any colour you like, over and over again, so as your tastes change, your WallArt can too.

Size: 50x50 cm

Sold per piece


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