WALL ART 3D PANEL 50x50 waves 1



Let yourself be swept off your feet by our magnificent Waves 3D walls decorations design! The curling lines, in different thicknesses, imitate the smooth waves of the sea. A recommendation for anyone who likes dynamics. Stand back and be fascinated by this undulating pattern which resembles both the rippling ocean and the sand dunes of the Sahara desert; so special is its design that you will see something different every day. Its use of light is stunning and Waves is able to create a feature wall that is incredibly unique and a real talking point. 

If white doesn’t suit your décor, then why not paint is an ocean blue or go to the other extreme and choose a bold, primary colour that will shout out loud about your own taste - “this is me”! Team it up with furnishings in different shades of beige and browns to create a warm feeling in the room.


Size: 50x50 cm

Sold per piece

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