WALL ART 3D PANEL 50x50 sweeps



The Sweeps 3D wall covering design brings the seventies back to life. Yet in a trendy and fashionable way! The combination of upright and flat edges creates an extra dimension when multiple panels are installed together. Some people see Sweeps as a beautiful reminder of the flower power era, whilst others regard the symmetrical design as being straight out of the 21st century. Either way, this gorgeous petal shaped 3-D design will look enchanting in any room. Creating a feeling of calm, Sweeps can be left in its original, tranquil white or painted in a colour to suit your own mood and style. 

The beauty of this design is its versatility: use it in a chic lounge or to brighten up a child’s bedroom, it is perfect for both. Also, consider its use in business premises, where a great, yet serene image is needed, such as a doctors waiting room or a hairdressers. Sweeps is made from an eco-friendly material, Bagasse, a fibrous residue from sugar cane, and is lightweight and easy for anyone to install. 


Size: 50x50 cm

Sold per piece

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