WALL ART 3D PANEL 50x50 pitches 1

Wall ArtSKU: 25551



Design Pitches has more to it than at first meets the eye… Because when you put four 3D panels together they create a stylish square with a remarkable embossed effect. Soothing yet current! Having a somewhat Art Deco look about them, they would be equally fabulous in a 1920s apartment through to an ultra-modern building. This look also has great commercial appeal and would look amazing in an office or restaurant where a certain type of image is required. Used with the correct type of lighting, they will create a stunning effect that people will be fascinated by. 

The superior quality of our Pitches WallArt design means that, not only is it extremely hard-wearing, it can also be painted to fit in with any colour scheme, allowing the interior designer in you to flourish.


Size: 50x50 cm

Sold per piece

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