^American Standard ELONG WC/DFPB CONCEPT CUBE 2704 white



Product Specification :

Closed Coupled Toilet
water consumption: 3/4.5 ltf
Slow closing
Flusing system: Wash Down
Trap way: S-trap

  • Anti-bacteria additive, added into the bathroom products, are safe for human beings and inhibits the bacteria for a long time. Its anti-bacteria effectiveness lasts as long as the lifetime of the product.
  •  Water Saver Choose 3/4.5 liters with each flush. Absolutely save water by your willing. 
  •  Comfort Soloution Seat
    -Top Fixed & Quick Release To be easily installed from the top of toilet bowl offer an innovative and fast way to replace the seat cover.
    - Slow Closing seat & cover A whisper quiet close for an enhanced bathroom experience and particularly suitable for every households.
    - Comfort Seat Ergonomically curve to maximum comfort of your body and mind.
  • Comfort Push Button Bigger push button... Bigger space for comfort. Allows you to control the flushing at your ease.

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