^AQUAPOWER WATER HEATER A55 multipoint 6.0Kw



• Simple Operation: easily adjustable power setting, water flow & temperature control;

• Safety Feature: multiple-insulated device providing scald and dry burning protection;

• High Efficiency: runs without failure even with more than 3000 hours continuous usage.

• Useful life: 10-15 years; 30+ years life under for areas with high quality water supply;

• Automatic shut off: pressure differential switch activates under low pressure condition shielding itself from abnormal condition and unnecessary breakdown.

• High durable: German technology with high pressure tolerance up to 3.5 mpa (35kg) higher than the other products with 6 bars and national standards 7-12 bars.

• Long-lasting materials: uses 99.9% Copper Tank, ABS Splash proof casing.


Type: Multipoint

Heating Element

Voltage: 220V

(kw): 6.0Kw

Heater Dimension

L x W x H(mm): 100 x 135 x 205

Required breaker (amps): 30

Flow Rate: 2 L/min

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