Bostik Grout 2kg Never Moldz- Beige

BostikSKU: 33020



Our products cover every tile grout application, from exterior grouts such as patio grout and swimming pool grout, to interior bathroom grout, kitchen tile grout and floor grout products.

Easy to install, simple to maintain and extremely durable, Bostik pre-mixed and powdered grouts provide innovation you can count on. 

Our acrylic and urethane technologies are found in bathrooms, kitchens and major construction projects across the world thanks to their unmatched combination of durability and beauty. 

For specialist projects involving hygiene-sensitive areas, Bostik epoxy grouts are the perfect choice. The extreme durability of these two-part products makes them suitable for environments exposed to chemicals, such as hospitals and public swimming pools.

Bostik powdered grouts are based on our polymer modified binders (PMB) technology. These cementitious products are enhanced with functional additives for improved adhesion, flexibility and crack resistance. Find out more about our expertise in PMB

Our grout range includes products ideal for setting individual glass tiles, sheet mounted glass tile, and most types of tile or natural stone in thin-set applications over cement-based or masonry substrates.


Sold per piece



2klg is equivalent to 12sqm

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